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Complete vision for gear inspection

Gear Tooth Alignment Analytics™ is an advanced vision tool for gear inspection that will remove human subjectivity, reduce cost & improve quality. The GTAA system uses Boolean logic combined with vision to perform the analytics on the run-in pattern formed in the rouge coating that has been applied to a gear set. The logic uses preset values to objectively determine the placement of the contact pattern and how the contact pattern has formed on both flanks of each gear tooth.

Objective Evaluation

Allows parameters to be set for objective determination of the contact pattern and its placement on the flank.

Variable Acceptance

The system can be set to pass the gear based on either an average number of teeth in tolerance, or a set number of flanks outside of tolerance, or if a single tooth is out of tolerance.


The system reports back in chart form for variables such as X deviation of pattern, among many other values and auto exports each inspection to a CSV file.

Minimal Impact

GTAA uses a minimal amount of rouge helping to avoid excessive oxide contaminents within the gear case.

Technical Data

Tool Tracker deliVers unmatched 3D position accuracy at a great price.


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