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Sample Inspection

Batch / Sample Inspection

Identifying a variety of differences such as shape, colour, or overall size in a sampling or batch has in the past been a very rigorous and mundane process for humans and because of this, defects are often missed. AIS Technologies Group uses technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning) and machine vision to generate highly accurate inspections for these offline processes. These inspections help reduce costly reworks, batch rejections and waste. Our machine vision solutions can tackle some of the most complex inspections required from identifying the product mix in a bag of frozen vegetables to gel capsules leaks, these solutions are custom tailored to your application needs.


Systems can be designed for speed in mass production lines and can exceed +800 ppm. Our systems can inspect 100% product verification using non-contact inspection methods.


Six Sigma

Our systems are desgned in accrodance with (Six Sigma) for having 99.96% positive false positive or false negatives of 0.04.


Online Sample Systems

On-Line sampling systems inspect 100% of the sampled products. A specific rejection mechanism like a robotic arm can be integrated for the automatic removal of a defective part or product from the production line.


Offline Sample Systems

Offline sample systems or batch systems inspect products or part samples that have been removed from the line. The systems can be used directly on the factory floor, to inspect different products taken from multiple lines at different times.



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