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AIS Technologies Group is committed to providing full encompassing solutions for a multitude of industry sectors. We understand that every industry has its challenges and obstacles. Our engineers design and create specific custom solutions and use industry best practices when implementing to provide an agile approach, and a level of flexibility aimed at reducing downtime and providing a healthy return on investment. In addition to the Automotive Industry AIS Technologies Group has delivered hundreds of custom systems for the Aerospace, Cannabis processing, Life sciences, Food and Beverage, Product Packaging, and Logistic.


AIS Technologies group’s knowledge and understanding of the systems and applications within the automotive industry is unparalleled. AIS Technologies Group has experience from powertrain to interior and exterior plastics, and this experience and knowledge sets them at the forefront of the industry.

  • Ultra-Sonic Punch and Weld Systems
  • Mechanical Punch
  • EOL Fascia Inspection
  • Robotic Bonding
  • Snap Presses
  • Clip Install Stations
  • Wet Out Stations
  • Fastening Station
  • Bushing Systems
  • Heat Staking • Surface Inspection
  • 360 Degree Surface (PTWA)
  • Tool Tracker Systems
  • Full and Sub Assembly
  • Collaborative Robotics
  • Inline and End of Line Inspection


The government regulations regarding food security and the need for traceability and safeguarding food throughout the process is no mystery to AIS Technologies Group. Our Machine vision inspection systems and traceability systems are cutting edge and have been used within this industry far before any mandates came into place.

  • Material Handling
  • Part Picking
  • Sorting
  • Safety Sealed and Label verification
  • Product verification


Labels, safety seals, package integrity, and package damage are all areas of concern in the automated world of packaging and consumer products. AIS Technolgies Group has been using machine vision for over two decades and aiding in the removal of rejects before they reach a consumer.

  • Sealing
  • Box Erecting
  • Stacking
  • Palletizing
  • Pick and Place


The world of Warehouse logistics is entering a new era, where robotics and automation are at the forefront. AIS Technologies Group offerings such as Bin Picking, Pallet Rack tracking, Order fulfilment station monitoring for quality are but a few of the tools that help accuracy and reduce labour.

  • Label Verification
  • Package Verification
  • Pick Tracker
  • Data Base


In Aerospace it’s about the mitigation of risk and removing threats of failure at every turn. AIS Technologies Group has developed revolutionary systems to support that need in the Aerospace industry.

  • Engine Assembly Verification
  • Landing Gear Inspection
  • CNC Machined parts include:
    • Hydraulic Manifolds
    • Transmissions


Removing the human error and labour from the manufacturing process is a key part of this industry. Whether it is limiting the labour content in a Pre-Rolled Cannabis process to maximize output, or using machine vision to ensure pill counts, AIS Technologies Group has a solution.

  • Bio Logistic Pipetting
  • End of Line Inspections
    • Capsule
    • Vial Dispensing


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