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Inline Inspection

In-line Inspection

Quality control for assembly where parts are covered by other parts during the process has always been a challenge. In this age of traceability, the need to verify that the something occurred in a process is paramount. This has led to the wide spread need to adopt In-Line machine vision for inspection. AIS Technologies Group’s vision engineering team have the expertise and know-how to handle 2D and 3D vision solutions, laser profile measurements, and cobots can even be integrated in machinery like OEM production lines that can be fully automated 24/7. Regardless of the scale or speed, AIS Technologies Group has the machine vision solution you need.


Whether your deploying a new or have an existing production line; AIS Technologies Group can design a custom application that includes a small footprint, a fully integrated process through your PLC with minimal modification to conveyors.


Quality Metrics

Using commercial high-end cameras, lenses, lighting and software to deploy a customer inspection solution for our customers. Whether its defect detection, quality inspection, verification tool, statistical analyzer, high-speed counter or just simply analyzing a simply colour variation on your product.



Our In-Line vision system are customized and tailored for your specific needs. Our engineers have extensive industry expertise with a variety of PLC programming code knowledge including working with legacy PLC systems; our systems completeness and as advertised is our promise to our customers.


Tool Kit

Our systems use modern conventual vision tools and can provide, edge finding, blob analysis, measurements, assembly verification, OCR/OCV, part location, defect detection and 2D / 3D and classification.



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