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End of Line Inspection

End of Line Inspections

Quality control and assurance are paramount in today’s manufacturing. If defects or issues are not identified prior to delivery and resolved then they significantly impact profitability. One-way AIS Technologies Group helps to mitigate that risk is with End-of-Line (EOL) machine vision inspection. Utilizing industrial fixed or robotic assisted high-speed cameras, and combining them with lasers, specialized sensors and scanners our team of vision engineers deliver some of the most advanced vision solutions for our customers. AIS Technologies Group has developed EOL systems for food & beverage, automotive, life science, packaging, agriculture, and aerospace industries, exceeding customer expectations of performance, quality, service and our level of know-how AIS Technologies Group provides.

Intuitive Adaptability

Our systems are designed to be adaptive and reconfigurable for product line changes or re-tooling. Reducing the implementation cost for the next inspection change drastically.


Robotic Assisted Inspections

Depending on your specific situation a robotic assisted EOL vision systems that is “Cage Free” may ba available. Eliminating guarding and reducing floor space needed.


Fixed Camera Inspections

AIS Technologies Group can design and deploy a fixed EOL vision system that can vary in complexity from a single camera to 40+ depending on the inspection requirement.

Tool Kit

Rule based vision tools along with AI if determined as needed are available to provide, edge finding, blob analysis, measurements, assembly verification, OCR/OCV, part location, defect detection and 2D / 3D and classification.


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