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Surface Inspection

Surface Inspection

Machine vision for surface inspection is one of the most challenging tasks. Designing the correct optics for inspections on cylinder interiors or on flat faces is but one of the obstacles. Knowing when to use conventional rule based vision assessment tools and when it should be augmented with Artificial Intelligence is the other part of the equation. The AIS Technologies Group team has not only developed award winning inspection systems for porosity on cylinder walls, but has continued on to refine those tools and processes for flat surface inspection as well.


Quality control is quintessential in today’s manufacturing. AIS uses vision-based technology like machine learning solutions to identify porosity flaws in metal parts or casting products. We have the ability to inspect small defects and features 10 microns in size with 100% accuracy.


Active Thermography

Using heat and thermal cameras to inspection machine parts to reduce costly claims due to machining fragments caught in channels. Our systems provide real time feedback to operator through custom HMI interfaces.


Surface Integrity (Flaw)

Using photometry-based surface inspection solutions combined with Deep learning algorithms to inspect surface flaws. Our systems can out match the visual acuity of the human eye. Customized to suit any environment our systms can identify surface flaws such as dings, dent, scratches , surface debris, particles, fibers, and uniformity quickly and accurately.


360* View Surface Inspections

Combining custom automation with deep learning algorithms we have developed systems that can inspection cylindrical reflective surface, that require 360-degree inspection with ease. Our industry awarded systems can currently identifying defects of .25mm2 or larger; for some of the hard parts to inspect like gas tanks and cylinder bores.



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