Precision Machining

Vision Error Proofing

Poka- yoke

The use of Poka-yoke systems in any lean manufacturing operation is a must. The prevention of mistakes and inadvertent errors at the source of production is always the first choice in design. Whether it’s a combination of mechanical and electronic components or purely a vision based AIS Technologies Group Poka-yoke solution, we make it virtually impossible for an operator to complete a sequence or action incorrectly in the production line. AIS Technologies group has solved and integrated some of the most complex poka-yoke systems in the industry over the last three decades,

Production Flexibility

Your specific operation determines the exact need. The versatility is solutions for Poka-yoke stations is as diverse as the industries and applications that can use them.


Control Process

The ability to sense problems in a production line through controls or provide warning from controller signals is paramount in lean manufacturing.


Contactless Technology

AIS Technologies group uses a wide array of contact free methods such a camera, sensors and 3d scans to inspect any deviation in shapes, dimensions, forms, position or other physical characteristics.



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