Precision Machining

Error proofing for order fulfillment

Designed for error proofing in an order fulfillment operation. This system tracks the motion of the operator’s hands in space via passive retro reflective targets. The system uses an AI algorithm to track when an operator has place their hands in a specific zone and when the operator has moved their hands into a correct or incorrect zone for an attempt to deliver to a receptacle.

AI Supported Teaching

A mathematical algorithm is taught both good and bad picks and stores this information, to maximize the accuracy of the system.

Unique User ID

Each operator is calibrated into the system in a very simple process, so their unique hand position is learned and stored.

Configurable Work Zones

The system allows an infinite number of pick bins and receive bins and those containers can be customized for their compartment sizes.

Technical Data

Core Competencies

  • Tracks hand movement & positioning
  • Targets Passive (Retro Reflective)
  • Vision-based tracking system
  • Pick and Place sequencing
  • Large field of view
  • Infrared cameras

Technical Specs

  • Interface to standard Industrial Protocols like Profonet or Ethernet IP. Digital I/O, or direct to controller such as Stanley, Bosch or Atlas Copco.

Tool Tracker deliVers unmatched 3D position accuracy at a great price.


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