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At AIS Technologies Group we believe in going above and beyond and not accepting the status quo when it comes to any challenge including those of precision machining. Whether it’s utilizing our state-of-the-art machining equipment or tapping into the wealth of knowledge within our industry experts, we are constantly challenging that status quo. It is by hitting deadlines, meeting deliverables, and exceeding our customers’ expectations through surface finishes, complex contours, and rigorous part tolerances on materials ranging from Polypropylene and Poly Carbonate to Titanium that we do it. So whether it is engineered automotive surfaces, Oil & Gas manifold’s or clean energy components, we serve a variety of industries, applications and endeavors.


Oil production requires durable, long lasting parts that at times take enormous stress and have to be extremely accurate. After all, drilling is both a science and an art form and includes a variety of applications ranging from offshore drilling to the processing of oil sands. Understanding the importance of each application’s and their specific needs for tolerancing and material selection is paramount. AIS Technologies group have the specialty machining capabilities to serve all aspects of this sector from hydraulic valving and manifolds to fracking blocks.

• Fracking Blocks
• Power tongs
• Driling Components
• Blow Off Preventors
• Frac Trees
• Drill pipes and cassings
• Pipe control valves


As the automotive industry makes technological leaps and bounds forward with the adoption of new technologies for vehicles. The same statement can be made for CNC machining and the transformation it has made for those automotive manufacturers. AIS Technologies groups’ competitive advantage in CNC machining is that we not only provide highly repeatable parts with ultra-fine tolerances that meet the barrier to entry for this industry, but we do so on-time and with outstanding service.

• Engine Blocks
• Suspension Components
• Exhaust Parts
• Carburetor housings
• Fluid System Components
• Bushing and Valve Retainers


CNC has played a pivotal role and is extremely prevalent in the rapid growth of the transportation industry. AIS Technologies Group has the knowledge and expertise to manufacture a wide variety of parts to support rail, marine, truck, along with recreational vehicles and heavy-duty equipment. Whether it’s a locomotive engine block or a marine bow thruster the skilled trades people of AIS Technologies group know the challenges you face and have the solutions you need.

  • • Pistons
    • Valve Retainers
    • Timing Covers
    • Bushings
    • Secondary Machining and Castings
    • Transmision Cases
    • Large engine Blocks
    • Large Brake Systems
    • Freight Rail Components
    • Large Capacity Dump trunks


Whether it’s ductile, ferrous, or a non-ferrous foundry application, the majority of castings need further processing. CNC machining has long been the backbone and choice for foundry applications, especially when dealing with long runs that need a highly repeatable process. AIS Technologies Group has trained employees with extensive knowledge to deal with cast product. Our shop has both the volume and scale of equipment to handle a wide variety of foundry applications.

• Motor housings
• Connecting Rods
• Engine Blocks (Automotive,
• Marine, Heavy-duty)
• Bearing Housings
• Brake Drums & Rotors
• Camshaft
• Decorative hardware
• Valve bodies


Our modern society relies on consistent power and those providing that power depend on the equipment, components and parts that make up these massive energy systems. As an example, the ultra-fine tolerances needed in Hydro, Gas and Wind turbine generators require parts that can stand some of the highest pressures and harshest environments in the world. AIS Technologies Group has the knowledge and capabilities to deliver these system critical parts and components.

• Rotar Shafts and Discs
• Casings
• Impellers
• Generator Shafts
• Blade Roots
• Bearings and Seals


AIS Technologies group understands that in a mine there can be no stopping operations due to part or component failure, and a failure at depth can have a much higher toll than lost production. Understanding the importance and ramifications of a shut down in its entirety, is why we only produce the highest quality of parts and components that meet the most stringent requirements necessary for mining. AIS Technologies group mitigates our customer risk by utilizing some of the highest quality control techniques in the industry because safety is the greatest priority.

• Gear Blanks
• Shaft
• Gearbox Housing
• Bearings and Seals


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